Thursday, April 8, 2010

Walk With You by Edwin McCain

UPS came today and delivered a small package from a fulfillment center. The contents were an Edwin McCain single and I know it wasn't something that I ordered online. My last run-in with Edwin McCain was at a Grand Opening I put on years ago down in Charleston (Edwin's a South Carolina boy).

Anyway, I popped it in my computer and suprisingly, it's a really sweet song without being overly "wedding-cheesy". Google it to see clips of him performing the song on YouTube or look it up on iTunes. This would be a beautiful Father-Daughter Dance song for those brides looking for something new and unique.

"I'll take this slow, sweet walk with you
You'll let go of my hand to say I Do
And he will discover just how blessed a life can be
I know 'cause all those years ago, someone handed you to me"

It's over 4 and a half minutes, but your DJ can always shorten your special songs if you think anything over 3 minutes of people watching you dance is too way long (like me!) Thank you mystery-sender for a new song to suggest to my brides!

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